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Belle Vue National Historic Site sits facing the Detroit River just south of downtown Amherstburg. For 200 years, it has stood majestically as a reminder of a nation rebuilding after the War of 1812. Built between 1816-1819 by Robert Reynolds, the Deputy Assistant Commissary General at Fort Malden, it was also the home of his sisters, Margaret and Catherine Reynolds, whose landscape paintings provide an invaluable record of early 19th century life in Upper Canada. Their works hang in the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Windsor Community Museum, Fort Malden NHSC, and Library and Archives Canada.
After the Reynolds family, the house was updated by three other families. During its history, Belle Vue served as a convalescent hospital for veterans who served in WWI and later housed the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church providing a connection to the community.
Belle Vue was designated a national historic site in 1959. It is one of only two buildings in Canada designated for Palladian style architecture. The property was recognized by the Provincial (1984) and Municipal (1988) governments for historical importance and for the Reynolds family’s contributions. Belle Vue has been unoccupied since 2001 and placed on the Top Ten Endangered Places List by Heritage Canada Foundation in 2009.
 To preserve this majestic beauty, the Town purchased the vacated property in 2016  This property is waiting for the right investor to leverage its national notoriety to transform it into an economic driver.
Belle Vue Conservancy ® , Amherstburg, Ontario

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​From the artist notes for Belle Vue House, circa 1928 (edited): 
 "This painting was donated by the artist to aid the Belle Vue Conservancy in their efforts to 
restore the building and grounds to the appearance shown in this image. Its present Colonial Revival look was established by John C Mullen. In the painting, he and his wife, Isabella are seen receiving guests in the front of their home in the summer of 1928, with several Model-A Fords in view."
The original painting is currently hung in the Council Chamber at the Amherstburg Town Hall 
​.Artist giclees and/or prints of either painting are given as a thank you for monetary donations to aid in the restoration efforts. 
.​Unframed, signed and numbered 14”x20” prints are available for purchase at a cost of $50. Available for sale at the Marsh Historical Collection, 80 Richmond St. Amherstburg
Unframed 20”x 28”giclees ( reproduction on canvas with artists authentication ) are $350 .
After the devastating War of 1812, the construction of Belle Vue promised hope. 

 Business No: 781630678RR0001
"Belle Vue House, circa 1928"
"Belle Vue in Winter"
Mary Anne Adam"s historical novel" The Medicine Bag" takes place in Amherstburg ca.1850. It is narrated by Maketah, a Metis medicine woman, who through the contents of her medicine bag, befriends three other women: Hester, who escapes slavery in the south ; Mary, who takes a treacherous journey from County Cork in Ireland l to escape the potato famine; and Catherine, of Belle Vue, a wealthy woman of social position. Belle Vue plays a key role throughout this enduring story of courage, friendship, and the power of love. The Medicine Bag is available for $19.95 by contacting Mary Anne  at maryadam@forestadmin.net or at The River Bookshop, at Biblioasis  and at the Campus Bookstore, University of Windsor 
Heritage Buildings of Amherstburg  surveys nearly 100 buildings through photographs and snapshot summaries offering a glimpse into Amherstburg’s colourful past. Each structure tells a story of activities and events that occurred within its walls: its owners, occupants, and guests…from prime ministers to town folk. exploring a variety of building types that collectively paint a picture of the fascinating heritage of Amherstburg. 
Available at Marsh Collection SocietyRiver Bookshop


Belle Vue Conservancy Response to the Talk the Burg Survey

Currently, Belle Vue is owned by the Town of Amherstburg. 

Under the Amico/Loop proposal, they would take ownership of the manor and property.
 This would mean NO public access, other than what the business would allow. 
For the past 7 years, generous public donations have already been 
used in repairs to the house.

The Conservancy supports the concept of a business utilizing the 
property as a hotel, spa, restaurant, etc. with the provision of 
guaranteed public ownership.

Belle Vue Conservancy encourages you, the public,
 to fill out the survey on the Town of Amherstburg web page “Talk the Burg”
 keeping this in mind. 
You will have to create an account with them to do so. 

We hope that you will take the time to review all the information 
provided before completing the survey.


If you have any questions, please contact the Conservancy at